Standing Surgery

In order to correct certain abnormalities it is sometimes necessary to undergo surgery. Recent evidence has highlighted the benefits of performing many procedures with the horse remaining standing rather than being placed under general anesthetic (GA).

The standing procedure has the advantage over one performed under GA by:
1) Reducing the risk of injury during induction and recovery
2) Reducing the volume of haemorrhaging during the operation
3) Faster recovery
4) Reduced costs

At BEV, whenever suitable, we will perform surgery standing rather than surgery under GA.

Standing horse back surgery at Buckingham Equine VetsStanding horse back surgery 2 Buckingham Equine Vets

Furthermore, to ensure the highest possible successful outcome, we may seek the assistance of a visiting surgeon to perform the surgery. In the same way in human medicine you wouldn’t expect your GP to perform heart surgery on you, we draw in the expertise of vets specifically training and qualified to undertake complex equine surgical procedures. This ensures the highest possible surgical standards yet by being located at our clinic, reduces transport time and inconvenience to the client.

Horse eye enucleation Buckingham Equine Vets

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