Sarcoid Clinic

The Sarcoid Clinic is a specialist referral service for the treatment of equine sarcoids.

The clinic offers a diverse range of sarcoid treatments for horses suffering from the complex skin condition. Treatment options including laser surgical removal, chemotherapy (e.g. AW4-LUDES, Cisplatin) and immunotherapy (e.g. BCG injections).

Through the high number of cases seen at the clinic, advice can be given on the the most suitable treatment for each sarcoid presented.

The expert team is led by Philip Ivens, a European Specialist in Equine Medicine, who has a particular passion for controlling and curing the complex skin disease.

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 What are sarcoids?

Sarcoids are the most common skin tumour affecting the horse. The number of sarcoids affecting individual horses is variable from one to many. Sarcoids can occur anyway where on the skin however predilction sites include mouth, eyes. neck, groin/sheath, ventrum and extremities. Sarcoids commonly multiply on the individual horses, sometimes very rapidly while others remain relatively, or even completely, static for years. Therefore careful monitoring of the sarcoid is improtant in determining when and if to treat. A few indivduals will show spontaneous remisssion but this is the exception rather than the rule. In most cases appropriate treatment is recommended directed by your veterinary surgeon.

There are six different types:

  1. Occult
  2. Verrucous
  3. Nodular (two sub-types)
  4. Fibroblastic
  5. Mixed
  6. Malevolent
There are many treatment options. I advocate an integrated multi-modal approach as recurrence is always a concern. I do not think there is one treatment modaility that is superior to others universally. I think tumour position, type, previous treatment history, patient temperament and use are all important considerations. Certain treatments such a rubber ring can be very succesful in one scenerio and a disaster in another. Often a combination of techniques need to be employed on more complicated cases. We specialise in using laser diode surgery and local chemotherapy in the form of cisplatin/sesame seed oil emulsion injected into the lesion. However we employ all the techniques listed below dependent on case selection and need.

Treatment Options

  1. Rubber Ring/Silk/Nylon
  2. Laser Removal - Surgery
  3. Cyrotherapy - can be used as adjunct to surgery
  4. Chemotherapy - Cisplatin/sesame seed oil emulsion local/Liverpool University cytoxic cream (AW4-LUDES)
  5. Immunotherapy - B.C.G. periocular tumours
  6. Radiotherapy - Iridium Wires

Clinic location

Equine Sarcoid clinic locationThe service is based at a purpose built equine veterinary facility close to the town of Buckingham in north Buckinghamshire. Consultations may be performed at this clinic or alternatively Philip can perform yard visits to clients within central and south east England (visit charges apply).

For directions to the clinic visit our 'Contact and Find Us' page here.

How to arrange a referral

There are two ways to arrange a referral. Potential clients may contact the clinic direclty via telephone or email or they can request a referral throught their usual veterinary surgeons.