Philip Ivens

Philip IvensPhilip Ivens MA VetMB Cert EM (Int. Med.) DipECEIM MRCVS
European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine.
Philip received a veterinary degree from Cambridge University in 2003. Working initially in mixed practices in Norfolk and Dorset, he then undertook an equine internal medicine residency at the Equine Referral Hospital at the Royal Veterinary College in London where he gained the RCVS Certificate in Equine Internal Medicine. In 2011 he gained by examination the European Diploma in Equine Internal Medicine (DipECEIM) and became a European recognised specialist in Equine Internal Medicine. Later in the same year he became co-director of the Practice.

Philip's particularly interests are in equine infectious diseases, ophthalmology, gastroscopy and sarcoid removal.

Much of Philip’s spare time is consumed writing scientific reports, papers and presentations. When he does find time to get into the outdoors he can be found working on his family farm, walking his Labrador Grouse, and helping his wife Katie look after their new horse, Spook.


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Ivens PAS

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19. African Horse Sickness and Equine Encephalosis in The Gambia 2007-2009 - TAWS Pan-African Conference

20. BEVA Trust Travel Grant - University of Florida Ophthalmology Department 2009.


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