ID & chipping

All horses are now legally obliged to possess an Equine Passport. All newly registered horses must now be microchipped. New born foals must have a passport by the end of the year they are born or by 6 months of age (which ever comes later). Owners of newly purchased horses that don’t possess a passport must have the process of registration begin within 30 days of purchase.

How do you go about getting a passport? First of all you need to choose which agency you register you horse with. There are nearly 100 to choose from. If required we can advise you of the most suitable agency for you.

Register your interest with the agency and they will send you documentation to be completed. Arrange a vet visit and we can then complete the paper work, draw the horse’s “silhouette” and either scan or implant a microchip. We will then return the paperwork to you and you can complete registration with the appropriate fee.

For microchipping performed with other work we charge only £25 per horse. See Special offers

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