Laboratory procedures are an important aspect of veterinary medicine. For this reason we have recently invested in new laboratory equipment to provide us with extensive laboratory support.

1) Haematology blood analysis - Information on the bloods cells (red & white). Useful in assessing evidence of infections, anaemia (low red cells), and hydration.
2) Biochemistry blood analysis - Information on the biochemical elements of the blood, including indications of kidney function, liver function, muscle damage, electrolyte imbalance.
3) Acute phase protein analysis, including Fibrinogen and Serum Amyloid A (SAA)- Sensitive indicators to the presence of inflammation and infections. These are extremely useful in equine practice.
4) Worm eggs counts - used to give an estimate of the worm eggs present in a faecal (dung) sample, and thereby estimating the level of roundworms within the horse. Please provide a small sample of dung (approx one dung ball). Sample pots are available from the clinic if required. The results will be interpreted by a vet, and one of them will ring you with advice on the worming drugs most suitable to your horse.

Horse worm egg counting

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