Lameness is the most common ailment observed in equine veterinary practice. Frequently there is no obvious cause. An initial examination by a vet can give more clues and appropriate treatments can be given.

Sometimes lamenesses may persist and then we will advise a more thorough assessment at our clinic. The clinic is specifically designed to facilitate this exam and will allow a more accurate assessment, particularly necessary in subtle lamenesses.

Diagnostic tools including nerve blocks, x-rays, and ultrasound will help us locate the source of lameness and advise on the most appropriate treatment.

Occasionally it is not possible to accurately diagnose the source of lameness and it may be necessary to refer horses for specialised diagnostic techniques such as MRI, gamma scintigraphy (bone scan) or computed tomography (CT). Having a close association with local referral centres we can undertake this procedure with the minimal of effort on behalf of the owner.

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