A modern, purpose built equine facility provides an environment that optimises veterinary care to benefit both the horse and client.

On arrival at the clinic horses can be stabled while the owners report to the reception area. Once the vet has been notified he will then obtain a history of the horses condition through a consultation with the owner. The appropriate diagnostic and treatment procedures will then be performed. Owners may stay in reception and, if desired, utilise the free WiFi throughout the building. Alternatively they can choose to stay with their horse throughout he procedure if it is safe to do so.

The diagnostic suite allows demonstration and discussion of all work performed with diagrams and anatomical models to permit clear understanding of issues encountered and treatments necessary.

Specific diagnostic and treatment tool available are listed below.

Lameness investigation

  • Digital x-ray (clinic-based & mobile)
  • Digital ultrasound machine
  • Shockwave machine
  • Vetcell Stem Cell kit

Medicine investigation

  • 3m video endoscope for endoscopy & gastroscopy
  • Dynamic respiratory endoscopy for upper airwary abnormalities (though our partners the Royal Veterinary College but undertaken at client yards')
  • Digital ultrasound machine for abdominal & heart scans
  • Telemetric electrocardiography (ECG) for heart assessment
  • Laser machine for sarcoid removal
  • Laboratory- In house blood analysis, worm egg counting


  • Powertool dentistry

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