Eye Clinic

The Buckingham Equine Eye Clinic is a specialist referral service for diagnosing and treating ophthalmic conditions of horses in the south of England.

Eye sarcoid TreatmentEquine Eye Clinic

Which eye conditions are assessed?

The clinic will accept any condition affecting the horse eye or conditions affecting the structures around the eye. The primary conditions seen are:

  • Damage to the corneal surface of the eye e.g. ulceration
  • Lens abnomalities, including cataract changes
  • Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU)
  • Conditions to the back of the eye, including chorioretinopathies and optic disc defects
  • Pre-purchase examination (vetting) second opinions
  • Ocular tumours including sarcoids

Who is the specialist vet?

The clinic is led by vet Philip Ivens. He is a European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine with a particular interest in ophthalmogocal conditions. He has written extensively on the conditions affecting the equine eye including:

Where is the clinic located?

The service is based at a purpose built equine veterinary facility close to the town of Buckingham in north Buckinghamshire. Consultations may be performed at this clinic or alternatively Philip can perform yard visits to clients within central and south east England (visit charges apply).

For directions to the clinic visit our 'Contact and Find Us' page here.

How is the clinic supported?

The clinic is uniquely supported by one of the world's leading veterinary teaching hospitals, the Royal Veterianry College (RVC). Through a unique collaboration, cases requiring advanced surgical techniques may be continued via this partnership.

How do potential clients arrange a referral to the clinic?

There are two ways to arrange a referral. Potential clients may contact the clinic direclty via telephone or email or they can request a referral throught their usual veterinary surgeons.