Horse DentistryEquine dentistry is now considered a critical procedure to maintain horse health. Multiple problems that originate in the horse’s mouth cause a diverse range of detrimental behavioural abnormalities. This is largely because a horse’s teeth, unlike in humans, continually grow throughout the horse’s life. For this reason we advise regular routine dental examinations to assess the mouth and treat or prevent abnormalities.

For some horses dental checks will be required on an annual basis. However, many horses will require 6 monthly checks, especially those that are young, old, competing regularly, or those that have been diagnosed with recurrent dental abnormalities.

With the progress of technology powertool dentistry is now available to correct abnormalities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Having invested in this technology at Buckingham Equine Vets, we can offer the preferred powertool dentistry as routine.

Furthermore, with many horses, very understandably, objecting to having a dental gag placed and dental work performed, we have formulated a dental package that includes sedation if required, all for the price of £55.00, or when booked with a total of 4 or more horses £50.00 each. We have found this allows us to do effective treatments, with minimal stress to the horse, at a highly competitive price. See Special Offers for more details.

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