About BEMR

Buckingham Equine Medicine Referral (BEMR) is a sub-division of Buckingham Equine Vets (BEV) which provides a specialist veterinary medicine service to horses, ponies, and donkeys throughout the south of England.

BEMR includes a specialist Sarcoid Clinic and Eye Clinic.

Laser Sarcoid Surgery Buckingham Equine Medicine ReferralsHorse Endoscopy Buckingham Equine Medicine Referrals

BEMR offers a high quality service for horses needing:

1) Advanced diagnostics, treatments or advice when the condition is showing persistent, recurrent or abnormal clinical signs that are proving difficult to resolve.

2) A second opinion on a complex medical case, e.g. an abnormal heart murmur or eye abnormality noticed at a vetting by a veterinary surgeon.

All cases are seen secondarily following a referral from a client’s primary veterinary surgeon. The service is designed to enhance the previous work performed by the referring veterinary surgeon and operates by working closely with the referring vet and horse owner.

What is a medicine specialist?

In the same way in human medicine you wouldn’t expect a GP to perform heart surgery on you, you wouldn’t expect all vets to be able to perform all veterinary techniques to the same standards. For this reason various levels of qualifications have been set up to inform the general public of a vet’s specific interest and skills. The highest level allows vets to be called a specialist.

In order to be named a specialist a veterinary surgeon must prove by examination that his knowledge and skills within a particular field are of a high standard.

In 2011 Philip Ivens was award the distinguished Diploma of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine, a division of the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation. By achieving this qualification Philip is a recognised specialist in his chosen field.

A full list of the conditions that are included in the field of equine internal medicine is listed here. The common cases seen include:

Sarcoid Clinic: Sarcoid therapy (including laser surgical removal)
Eye Clinic: Ophthalmology (eye conditions)
Recurrent colic assessment (including gastroscopy for gastric ulcers)
Respiratory tract investigation (including endoscopy & pleural ultrasound)
Heart abnormalities (including echocardiography)
Liver assessment (including liver biopsy)
Infectious diseases (including Strangles, Equine Herpes Virus, and Equine Influenza)

Philip Ivens endoscopy Philip Ivens sarcoid laser removal

What is a referral service?

Complex cases that have previously been seen by a horse owner’s primary vet may need ‘referring’ to a specialist for further investigations.

To enhance case continuity a full set of discharge instructions are given to the client after the appointment and immediately faxed/emailed to your practice. A full and detailed veterinary report is also sent within 24 hours.

Who is the medicine specialist at BEMR?

Philip Ivens is a director of the first opinion veterinary practice Buckingham Equine Vets, and also runs Buckingham Equine Medicine Referrals (BEMR). He is a recognised specialist in Equine Internal Medicine having been awarded the Diploma of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine in 2011. For more information on Philip’s interests, training and scientific publications click here.

Most medicine and surgical specialists in the UK work in referral hospitals such as those located at veterinary schools. Philip is one of the few specialists who perform both first opinion and referral work which gives him a unique insight into everyday abnormalities as well as being at the forefront of modern veterinary science.

Royal Veterinary College Partnership

BEMR is supported by our clinical partners the Royal Veterinary College to enhance the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. For more information on this new collaboration click here.

Where is BEMR located?

BEMR operates from Buckingham Equine Vets’ new purpose built equine clinic near the picturesque village of Wicken on the Buckinghamshire/Northamptonshire boarder. The facility offers a diverse range of diagnostic equipment and therapeutic tools. Directions to the clinic are located here.

How do I arrange a referral to BEMR?

If you are a veterinary surgeon who would like to refer a complex or challenging case please ring the clinic on 01908 560789 or email: philip@buckinghamequinevets.com. You are also welcome to call Philip direct to talk through cases and discuss the option of referral on his mobile: 07801 369316.

If you are a horse owner and believe your horse may require specialist attention then you are welcome to call our clinic to discuss the case with Philip. If he feels you may benefit from a referral to him then he will likely request a referral from your primary veterinary surgeon and request a detailed history of the treatments previously performed.